Braeburn EarlyON STEM videos

Germinating Bean Seeds

Let's Make a Spaceship

Let's Learn About Patterns

Exploring Colors with Paint

Math Teeth Game

Gujarati - Kite Making

Simple Science with Ice and Snow

Math Stacking Activity 1-10

Simple Science Experiments

Going on a Nature Walk in the Winter

Let's Make a Kite

Learning About Opposites Through Songs

Number Matching Activity

Making Rain Sticks

Making Slime

Fun with Numbers 1-10

Apple Tree STEM Activity

Numbers 1 To 10

Find the Missing Shape

Counting to 20

Paper Sculptures

Dice and Q-Tip Math Activity

Learning and Playing with Loose Parts

Learning Punjabi and Mixing Colours

Early Science Sorting Fruits and Vegetables


Canvas Cup Painting

Hectogons and Trapezoids Can you Guess the Shape?

Let's Get Physical with Math Patterns

Science - Making Boats

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle - Making Suncatchers

Tornado in a Jar Science Experiment

French-Make Your Own Rocket Balloon

Make Your Own Maze

French - Make Your Own Maze

Make Your Own Kite

Making Shape Finders

Make Your Own Paper Plate

Science Experiment- Ice Cube Fishing

How to Make a Discovery Box!

Gujarati- Make Your Own Kite

Fine Motor Learning Activity Ideas

Making Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Science Paper Towel Art

Science Rainbow Paper Towel Experiment

Regrow Garlic Recycle your Vegetables

Science Experiment Cloud Dough

Science Experiment Lava Lamp

Shape and Colour Matching Activity

Floating Flowers Experiment

Sing Along Counting

Science Experiment - Colour Drop Race

Science - Bubble Snake Maker

Parents/Caregivers Math Make a Counting Activity

FRENCH - Let's Make a Flying Butterfly (4-6 yrs)

Let's Make A Flying Butterfly (4-6yrs)

Science Experiment - Rainbow Flashlight

Science Experiment Dancing (4-6yrs)

Making Crystal Snow Flakes

Sensory Learning Activity

Cereal Box Learning Activities

Spanish - Colours

Where do you see squirrels?

Lego Activity Ideas

Homemade Dice Game Moving My Body

Gujarati Jungle Animal Names

Number Wheel Game

Animal Movements

Kindergarten Science Colour Changing Flowers

Fun with Math

Let's Make a Banjo

Rocket Ship Art Activity

Baking Soda Balloon

Punjabi - Make it Rain Science

French Baking Soda Balloon

Home Made Binoculars

Science Volcano Experiment

Science Volcano Experiment

Learning Activity Coloured Cups

Science Traveling Water

Math Counting Bears

Paper Towel Roll Cars

Shape Learning Activity

Gujarati Shape Learning Activity

Learning Fun with Paper cups

Punjabi - Science drawings that Move

Animals in Winter

Let's Make Glitter Globe Sensory Bottles

Science Sugar and Water Rainbow

FRENCH - Science Sugar and Water Rainbow

Let's Make a Maze (4-6yrs)

Let's Make Snow

Sing Along Math

Make a Musical Shaker

Xylophone Fun

Matching Activity Sing Along

Punjabi and English - Mirror Tracing Activity

Canadian Animal What do you See?

Dinosaur Dinosaur

Science Make your Own Dinosaur Eggs

Walking Rainbow Experiment

Science Colour Mixing Experiment

Fun with Musical Instruments

Let's Count Together

Guess that Sound - Transportation Vehicles

A trip to the Garden

Simple Science Ideas - Rainbow Ice Block

Under the Sea - Shells and More

Songs and Counting in Punjabi and English

Learning Shapes in Gujarati and English

What do You See

Making Bird Feeders

Learning to Play the Xylophone

Sink or Float Experiment

Let's Make Kinetic Sand

Learning to Make Bubbles

Homemade Musical Instruments

Science and Markers

Make your own Flashlight Projector

Make A Guitar

Numeros en Espanol

Ziploc bag Science

Chemistry with Colours

Exploding Colours Experiments

Learning Numbers in Tagalog

Learning Body Parts in Spanish and English

Fruits and Vegetables

Naming Birds in Gujarati and English

Sing Along Guess What's in the Box?

Can you find Shapes?

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