Braeburn EarlyON Storytime and other Early Literacy videos

Somali Storytime - My Family is Forever

Story Time - The Daddy Book

Tagalog- Ang Aklat Tungkol Sa Tatay

Arabic Storytime- Cooking and Learning

Let's Make Fake Snow Dough

Somali Storytime - Families

Somali Storytime - Who's There, Spot?

Arabic Storytime - Little Friends

Let's Pretend it's a Beach Day

Snow Sensory Indoors

Show and Tell - Egg-citing Time

Somali Storytime - I Am Canada

ਫਲਾਂ ਦਾ ਨਾਮ Names of Different Fruit

Arabic Storytime - Stop, Danger

How to make Paper Puppet

Active Songs with a Teddy Bear

Tagalog-Panahon Ng Taglamig(Winter Time)

Arabic Storytime - I Love Animals

Physical Activity with Numbers

Somali Story- Two Homes

Arabic - Tariq Loves his Siblings

Dressing for Winter

Story Time - Busy Bees

Tagalog Story Time - Abalang Bubuyog

Fun with Rhymes

Story - A Cat and a Dog

Gujarati Story - Talav Aakhu Jovu Mare

Farm Animal Physical Activity

Arabic - A Trip to the Beach

Counting to 10

Arabic Story - Where Can I Find You?

Gujarati Story - Talav Aakhu Jovu Mare

Somal Story - Mixed Me

Matching Letters Upper and Lowercase

Somali Learning the Alphabet

Arabic Story Time

Let's Make Snow Sensory Bottle

Arabic Story- In the Clouds

Somali Story - Can You Say Peace

I Spy With My Little Eye Game

Somali Story- Bright Eyes Brown Skin

Somali Story - All are Welcome

Tagalog- kwentong Pambata -Ikaw Ba Ang Nanay Ko

Gujarati- Fruits and Vegetables

Story Time - Are You My Mother?

Arabic- Alla's Story

Somali Story - Hair Love

Arabic Story - The Toy Store

Story - The Name of the Tree

Somali Story - Mommy Hugs

Learning the Alphabet

Songs to Help your Child with Daily Routines

Story - A Greedy Dog

Making Sensory Cards

Outdoor Story Time- Here Are My Hands

Hindi - The Greedy Dog

Temper Tantrums in Children

Let's Use our Ears- Learning to Listen

A Story and Songs About Jungle Animals

Let's Read the Book - A Cat and A Dog

Arabic Shape Story

Let's Read and Sing with Braeburn EarlyON

Arabic Story- Hero Turtle

Somali- Shape Story

Felt Board Story - Farmer in the Dell

Somali Learning to Listen Story

Arabic-The Kind Visitor Book

Somali- Rumble In The Jungle Book

Arabic Lazy Franklin Story Book

Fruity Colours

Gujrati- Brown Bear Flannel Board Story

Oral Story - The Thirsty Crow

Hindi Oral Story - The Thirsty Crow

Oral Story - The Three Little Pigs

Let's Learn Somali

Tagalog Ang Pangalan Ng Puno

Punjabi Story - A Cat and a Dog

Arabic Story - My Friend

Somali - Lamma Lamma Red Pajama

Transition Songs

Arabic - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Car Ride Activity Ideas for Parents/Caregivers

Story - Freight Train

Story - Rooster Is Off to See the World

Somali- All Kinds of Feelings Book

Rainbow Bingo Learning Activity Idea

Somali- Story Bile

Somali - The Harvest Season

Rhyme Time

Arabic-Story - Fox Fables

Story - Jumbo the Elephant

Spanish Before Bedtime

Arabic Story The Best Hat Maker in the City

Somali- Where is Bear Story

Peek-a-Boo Animal Activity

Tagalog - Tula, Tugma, at Awiting Pambata

Gujarati- Learning Colours

Arabic Story- Sahir Goes To The Dentist

Story Time- Hiding Phil the Elephant

Punjabi- Story Were Going on a Bear Hunt

Gujarati- Activity Ideas Recycled Materials

Fun with Sign Language

Somali Story - You Hold Me Up

Arabic Story

Songs and a Story Baby Animals

SOMALI - Storytime Manners

Make Your Own Letter Matching Game

Arabic Story Time

Tagalog Mga Batang Hayop

Active Story Were Going on a Bear Hunt

Alphabet Learning Activities

Sign language for Babies

Who Took the Cookie

Story - 10 Dinosaurs

Story Time Pets

Tagalog - Storytime Pets

Arabic Story Brown Bear

Arabic Story Time

Story Time Under the Water

Arabic Story

Somali Story - Dear Zoo

Letters of the Alphabet

Songs and a Story

Spanish Story

Arabic Story Boo Hoo Baby


Somali Story Sam's First Day

Songs and A Story

Learning Colours in Tagalog

Mother Goose Story Time Tips

Bug Names English and Gujarati

Arabic Story Time

Somali Story Time

Arabic Story Time

Gujarati Story Time

Songs and A Story

Arabic - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story

Rhyming Words

Somali Story Time

Story - Funny Farm

Make Your Own I Spy The Alphabet Game

Make Your Own Shape Matching Activity

Hindi Story Hands are not for Hitting

I Spy On The Beach

Story Time Big Green Monster

Brown Bear Brown Bear Story Somali

Love Yourself Songs and Story

Dear Zoo - Story and Songs

I Love to Help - A Story in Hindi and English

Bedtime Story - Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Stories by Eric Carle

Story - Parker Looks Up

What I like about me"- Story and Craft

The Little Cloud Story Stretches

Songs and stories in Gujarati and English

Dear Zoo - Story and Songs

I Love to Help - A Story in Hindi and English

Story - I am Perfectly Designed

Story - I am Perfectly Designed

Tagalog and English ABC's

Lets Learn French Together!

Love Yourself Songs and Story

Mother Goose Songs, Rhymes and Finger Plays

ABC's and 123's

Learning Languages Together - Tagalog

Learning Languages Together - Spanish and English

Story - We sang you Home

Braeburn EarlyON Songs and a Story

Songs and Stories

Barnyard Songs and Stories

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